At present, out of five countries of most happy, affluent & economically solvent country around the world, Australia & Canada are main two. Because, comparing to the area of the country, the most feature of these two countries are less population, state guarantee of providing highest citizen facility, high salary, ensured of leading luxurious life, facility of letting the children’s of international quality of high education. Sometimes these countries are told the country of ”Migration”. And yes, really this is. For, considering High Skilled Professionals of around the world are brought here by giving them Citizenship under the migration program run by government. For this, no longer time of a country is taken to touch the highest of development for out of total number of population 94% are highly educated, conscious citizen and hard worker. Political stableness is also a main cause of this improvement.

However, many weight-less advertisements are visible about the migration of Australia & Canada, and heard of many saying that these all least do not see the light of goal. The main cause behind this belief is Negative Result that made after 2-3 years long waiting & investing a huge number of money. This may, of course, take a longer time, but if the causes of being negative result are discussed, then answers will be got of some imperceptible information about Australia & Canada migration. At present, it takes 1 year to have PR Card (Permanent Residence Status) in Australia, and to have TR Card it takes maximum 10 months. On the other hand, to have PR under Business Investor Category in Canada is needed 4-6 months only, and in case of Skilled Migration Category, time takes about 06- months to 12 months considering the File Processing percentage. Recently, this term is affixed as per the declaration of Pilot Project by the Canadian government.

Now come to see, how can the negative results be affected? There is a ”Free Assessment” page in the official website (Citizenship & Immigration Department) of Australian & Canadian government from where you can know total score providing all information of you. At present, pass mark score in Canada is 67, and in case of PR card in Australia is 65 & for TR, score 60 is required.

If your score is above 66 for Canada, for PR of Australia 64, and for TR is 59, then you can think of submitting application. Besides, for Australia score of IELTS is affixed. Such as, 20 mark if have 8 in each band, for 7 of each band you will have 10 marks. In Canada, minimum standard score 6 in each band is required for apply right now where you will achieve 16 points , for in each band 6.5 you will get 20, and for 7 to 7.5 points in 4 modules you will get 24 points.

There is an advantage in Australia that if your profession is the GSM listed, and then you should believe that you will definitely get PR card or TR card, because If your job experience (4/5 years) as per your educational quality matches totally with the GSM Priority list, then you should take all preparation of submitting application.

There is another thing that SOL (Skilled Occupation List) & ENSOL (Employer Nomination SOL) list. SOL is especially for those who submit application staying outside of Australia. And ENSOL is for those who submit application staying inside of Australia (Student, Sponsored, Spouse).In Australia, spouses are given 5 points for graduation & 1-year job experience and IELTS score also is required . If any relative stays in Australia, a minimum point will be included for that, which is in Canada only 5 point.

At least SSC passed and having 1-2 yearlong certificate holders got from Vocational Training Institute are eligible for Australia, and for the application of Canadian PR card which are familiar as Trade course in our country. In this case, genuine certificate of 3-5 years job experience is the total ensured of being migrate. Because, in these sectors of these countries there are a number of labors shortage. For this, score 5 is also eligible. The gist is that, whatever the status you carry, you must have to be skilled in English. No alternative way is available besides this.

Australia such has Priority professional list , Canada has 24 eligible occupation list under NOC with sub-cap. In this NOC, code number is described as per profession. On favor of this code number, your profession, description of educational qualification and what major responsibilities you mostly had in job those are clearly mentioned there.

Whatever your profession, how this is described in NOC of Canada, and the background of educational qualification or what major subjects you had, no alternative scope to submit application without following this.

There is no one to let you to understand these functions point to point without an expert Migration Specialist. Because total matter is Internet based. All these things are clearly described neatly in the official website of Immigration & Citizenship Department. In Priority List and SOL list of Australia, everything is also described sincerely. What educational qualification is required for which profession, job experience, who will process your documents, how much and where to send to verify the documents all these things are as so clearly mentioned that in a certain moment will be confirmed, are you exactly eligible to go to Australia or Canada being migrate?

If we have a gist from the above description, we got

AgeMinimum 18 , Maximum44 years

Point varies 25 to 15

Minimum 18-25 years ageyou will be awarded 12

points, from 36 to 46 it

will be minus -1 from 12.

EducationalQualificationAt least Bachelor degree :15 point, For M.Sc &

Doctorate 20

Bachelor degree 22,Masters 23, Ph.D 25.


Job ExperienceFor 3 years 5, 5 years 10, 8years 15Upto 6 years above 15,less years it will be 9 to 13
For SpouseMust Graduate and 1-yearjob experience (For High

Skilled) with IELTS – 5.5

No point for education andjob Experience . Only

IELTS-5.0 , point 5

Advantage of stayingany relativeFor Adaptability 10 pt andNAATI exam 5 pt5 point
Priority CategoryWho will be considered asEOI, and Priority listWho will be considered asper 24 High Demand List
Processing Time36 to 48 months.Maximum 6-12 months.
PointFor PR 65For TR 60Pass mark 67

In addition, if you need to have more details about this matter you can search Canadian government’s official website (www.cic.gc.ca) or Australian website www.immi.gov.au), can have assessment of your qualification yourself. Later on, start working by Submitting required fees after doing consultation with any experienced immigration specialist. If everything is ok, having migration in the country of Kangaroo, Australia & the country of Maple Leap, Canada will just be a real dream-shape in front of your eyes. Is there any such country around the world to have pleasant drowsiness with the country-tradition to adapt you as Bengali?