Our Services

SAA is the leading international carrier counseling farm which operates verities of service in Bangladesh and even Canada, Australia and UK. SAA offers individuals and organizations a range of services that enables those educated personnel inside and outside our country Bangladesh to have their best carrier, settle for peaceful standard secure life in foreign with full family, academic credentials recognized and many more…
Students, Job Seekers, Tourist or visit seekers and Immigrants come to SAA for accurate, marginal, true informative picture, credential evaluation reports and above all an expert solution in every sector which they can present to demonstrate their academic achievements when seeking opportunities for further education, employment and immigration opportunities in the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, DENMARK, AUSTRIA & NORWAY.

Since 1998 All Service under a tree:

  • Immigration in Canada, Australia, New Zealand;
  • Green Card Scheme in Denmark and USA
  • Work permit in Canada
  • Study permits for Canada, USA , UK, Australia
  • Tourist Visa for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
  • Visitor Visa for Australia, Canada, USA and UK
  • Appeal for Refusal Case (Denmark, UK and Australia)
  • Free Career Counseling for Local University Admission
  • Home Service for busy personalities (Only for Dhaka)
  • Call Center 24/7 Hotline, Quarterly Newsletter Free Assessment, Social Network
  • Interview tips & Visa Guideline
  • Airport Pickup & Accommodation arrangements
  • Confirmed Hotel booking, Travel Plan, Invitation Letter manages,
  • A-2-Z service starting to finishing as a Premier Priority basis for all clients

You can be a Member of SA Associates:

SAA Club Member facilities ( Silver- Gold- Platinum ) , Silver membership : 5000.00 Taka; Gold Membership: 10,000.00 Taka; Platinum Membership : 25,0000.00 Taka.
All membership is valid for 5 years and use this Card for close family member ( only for one )