Expert Profiles


Mr. Supriya Kumar Chakraborty achieved Graduation Degree from University of Dhaka and MBA from Cambridge University in UK started his service career in the Russian Embassy, Bangladesh as Chief Education Officer. Mr. Chakraborty achieved experience and skill for 12 years from 1993 to 2005 in this Important Post of the embassy proved by today’s stand of “SA Associates”.
“SA Associates” started its business in 1998 in room no. 34, 6th floor of Eastern Plaza of 140 Sqft.At present it developed to a huge banyan tree by the hard work, sincerity, fond of work, his commitment,with a client and after all own strong confidence of only Mr. Chakraborty.
Mr. Chakraborty’s role for “SA Associates” to a Brand Name in the sector of Immigration Consultancy Business. Mr. Chakraborty’s foresight and sincerity may be an example for any businessman to day by day success. Mentioned, whose name comes first from Bangladesh as National Merit Scholar of the USA he is the Chief Consultant of “SA Associates”.


Md Khalid achieved M.Sc Degree from the University of Dhaka, started his service career as the Programmer Analyst in a Pharmaceutical Company of Los Angeles, California, USA. After as IT in a project of Ireland of World Bank, Bangladesh and in ACI Company. At last in “SA Associates”.
After publish an appointment circular in Prothom Alo in the post of Business Development Manager for Gulshan Branch, Credential and Job profile of Md Khalid attracted our SA Management and he performed his responsibilities as BDM of Gulshan Branch in “SA Associates” with give excellence guide line of CV/Resume of any client is a matter of praise. Md Khalid- the holder of attractive personality is an essential executive for SAA Team.


Md Al Amin is a Senior Consultant of SA Associates. He has earned his professional degree as well as CCG -Canada Course Graduate degree from Education Canada, DFAIT. And certified ITAC Consultant recognized by ICEF, Germany. He achieved his MBA & BBA degree from BU with excellent academic average and diploma in Brand Management (Business Development) from IBA, University of Dhaka.
He is a most dynamic and experienced Education & Career Consultant in SA Associates since 2009. He has proved his quality by delivering international quality standard and counseling perform which goes to 99% success story during his 10 years working history with SA Associates at the Department of Education & Career Development. He has a wonderful Innovative and competent professional skills with a successful performance record. Mr. Al Amin is highly skilled in management, public relations and counseling in the field of CSP- Canada Specialist Program, BritAgent, NYC Specialist, expert tourism monster approved by Ottawa Tourism & Vancouver Tourism Commission. He has an excellent communication, organization and problem solving skills. Official member of NAFSA, ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiner), CIEC, CBCC, DCCI etc.

Bapan Saha

Mr. Bapan worked as a Chief Visa Consultant in “SA Associates” Corporate office . Bapan is the first Bangladeshi educational consultant to have passed the “Canada Specialist Program” test conducted by Canadian Tourism Commission, Canada and awarded Canada specialist Accreditation. Bapan Successfully Passed the Canada course graduate, ICEF trained Agent counselor, Certified Austrian travel specialist, New York Specialist and did many more industry training.
Bapan’s extensive visits of countries like Canada, USA, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Singapore, China and other countries to attend education workshops and fairs enable him to learn and experience the latest development in the education sectors.Though minor aged and lesser experienced Mr. Bapan’s information deliveries style surprises obtaining twice consequently the Best Employee Award (2011, 2012) proves truth of Mr.Bapan’s this experience in education industry. A visa consultant such as Bapan is very essential for any firm.

Monojit Das

Mr. Monojit the regional Manager of Chittagong Branch completed Master of Business Administration major in Marketing & Management from Mid Sweden University, Sweden, is the only ICEF trained Agent consultant in Chittagong division. Moreover he has successfully completed “Canada Specialist Program” test conducted by Canadian Tourism Commission, Canada and awarded Canada specialist Accreditation.
In addition, Monojit has Passed many more training program which related to travel and counseling industry like as, New York Specialist, Global explorer specialist, Iceland specialist etc. His widespread visits of countries like Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Malaysia and other countries to attend study purpose, workshops and fairs enable him to experience in the education and Immigration sector. Mr. Monojit of “SA Associates”, Chittagong Branch is an unwritten information Ambassador for Chittagong Residents for his excellent counseling in student file & Immigration file.